Trailer Response = AWESOME! - 9/29/10
The response to the exclusive trailer has been excellent over the past few days. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd suggest watching it!

The Exclusive Trailer! - 9/20/10
The exclusive trailer for the hangover has been found! Click the link above to start watching the trailer!

A little bit about The Hangover 2...
The original hangover film left off at where Doug had just gotten married to Tracy (played by Sasha Barrese.) A lot of rumors have been stating that the Hangover 2 will be filmed in Thailand, why Thailand? Most believe that the happy couple will be on their honeymoon. Most of the original cast will make a come back to join the gang on what will probably be another entertaining film.

However, Sasha Barrese has not signed onto film the Hangover 2, all other major characters have. What could this mean? What could possibly happen is that Stu marries Jade (the stripper, played by Heather Graham) and they vacation in Thailand. What would happen to Tracy in the Hangover 2? Who knows, maybe Doug already got a divorce or Tracy went on a trip with her parents to somewhere else. Filming for the movie will start in October 2010 and the Hangover 2 should be in theaters for the July fourth weekend 2011.

Bradley Cooper
Phil from the original movie.
Known for the funny text reference.

Ed Helms
Stu will be making a comeback,
without his girlfriend.

Zach Galifianakis
Funniest of them all.
Alan and his quotes will be back.

Justin Bartha
Doug will be on his honeymoon.
Hopefully they won't lose their rings!